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At MADLOCK FASHION, we are not just about T-shirts. We are about you and the story you’d like to spread through our T-shirts. We share your pride for your group, club or team, the commitment you have for your cause or event and the persistence that makes your business stand out. We believe that custom t-shirts not only make you look good, but they also make you do good and feel good! Your order is unique, and we work to make your order as special as your design. MADLOCK FASHION¬†has been an expert in Custom T-Shirts and all forms of T-Shirt Printing since 2018. MADLOCK FASHION is your reliable and trustworthy custom t-shirt partner with all with all the resources and people to make your t-shirt order stand out.

  1. Quantity Based Savings
    We pass on the savings of increasing quantities. Our pricing is transparent and depends on the quantity, product and design.
  2. We Make You Stand Out!
    Want your team to stand out? An entire team of our designers are ready to make your design stand out. Our designers review every order for placements, colour and sizing. We send you a mock up of your design for every custom order. We recreate your designs, if the uploaded images are not clear. If your uploaded design is not perfect for printing, we shall modify designs based on your inputs and requirements. We shall keep modifying till you are satisfied with your unique design. For complicated designs and larger orders, we also send a physical sample of your design for your approval. We will do whatever it takes to make the print match the design you desire.
  3. Free Shipping with On-Time Delivery
    We realize you need your orders to a deadline. That’s why we offer free ground delivery guaranteed to reach your hands in 2 weeks. Need it quicker? We can push the delivery schedule based on your needs. Just call us or drop us an email.
  4. Quality – Right from the Yarn
    Your unique designs requires quality products. That is why our custom products are made to last and make you stand out day after day, month after month. Whether, t-shirts, polo T-Shirt, hoodies, performance wear or any other product, we ensure high quality right from choosing the best yarn, checking the colour fastness of the dyes, ensuring high standards in stitching, to making sure our final product quality matches your special designs. No matter what your design, our quality products make your design timeless
  5. Virtually Unlimited choices of Retro & Trending T-Shirts Design Templates

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