MADLOCK FASHION, empowers groups, promotional events, teams and companies
spread their story through Custom T-Shirts and other custom apparel. Our wide
range of quality product at affordable prices, means everyone can get their Custom
T-Shirts made to spread their story.
It all started with the vision of our founders, While interacting with students, event
organizers, athletes, clubs, marketing & HR of different organizations etc. at all levels
& platforms, we noticed that it wasn’t easy getting good quality customized team t-
shirts in smaller numbers. As India has a strong apparel manufacturing culture, we
saw the opportunity in serving this unmet need of thousands of groups, teams and
clubs. Our vision is to enable each & every athlete, team, groups etc. to have the
opportunity to have their own quality Customized T-shirts, Track suits, Kits, Bags,
dress etc. at an affordable price. That’s when we decided to launch MADLOCK FASHION.

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